20180122 Albert

The best thing about international Cynology is sharing my passion for hunting dogs with like-minded people around the world. For many years, I have been passing by Val and Les Isherwood as spectators at the World Championships for Pointing Dogs. At Yoga's great success in 2016 in Denmark, the two were there live. Careful breeders, judges and passionate lovers of our English Setter for decades; living in the middle of beautiful bird hunting areas.
Now they have come specially from the North of England to choose a puppy out of our A-litter. His name will be "Albert" - like the German Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg, who married Queen Victoria in 1840 and had considerable influence on his wife and the development of the British monarchy. May Little Prince Albert expect (in the figurative sense) a exceedingly fulfilled and exciting Setter life in the origin country of our breed!

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