Solid Gold's Yoga

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Yoga is a phenomenon. She will always have a special place in my personal English Setter story. In everyday life, she is so balanced and deeply relaxed. Nothing upsets her or causes her discomfort so that at times she gives the impression being indifferent or even bored. However – just a quiet whistle, a finger-snapping and Yoga is 100% awake. In the fields, she takes off like a headstrong rocket and inspires us by her reliability and her finest scenting powers. Nickname "Punktator": pointing birds is her purpose in life. If there are birds to be found, Yoga will find them. Her attitude in pointing is often spectacular and amazing.


  • European Champion GT (Gibier Tiré - Trial with shooted birds) 2014 (Austria)
  • World Champion GT Team 2015 (Serbia)
  • World Champion GT Individual 2016 (Denmark)
  • German Trial Champion Spring and Autumn (D.P.Ch) and (D.S.Ch.)


  • sire: Lord del Zagnis, dam: Solid Gold's Veria
  • FCI hip score A2, CCL free 


Inchy du Murat

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I known Inchy from a young age. On her first youth hunting test, the headstrong lady impressed me with her elegant movements and her beautiful way of pointing. But however, her elegant British field manners, do not prevent Inchy from gaining the necessary reliability in practical hunting such as retrieving or waterwork. Even in everyday life, Inchy behaves with a lot of strength and will-power. Her appealing appearance with the extraordinarily beautiful tricolor complete my enthusiasm for this bitch.


  • sire: Filou du Mas d’Eyraud, dam: Faena du Mas d’Eyraud
  • FCI hip score B1, CCL free 
  • hunting contests: Derby Solo/Paar, Field Trial Couple, Gibier Tiré
  • exposition results: V1, CAC, Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH
  • owner: Ludwig Kribs


Cucca's Hasta la Vista

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Paint an English Setter bitch. Voilà - that's exactly what it would look like. Hasta impresses with her harmonious physique, hear clearly spotted colouring and her elegant coat. Hasta’s dark fawn brown eyes bring everyone under her charm. She is simply a very beautiful setter. In addition, she impresses with her special elegance in the movement, both in everyday life and while working in the fields. She is so affectionate and cuddly that no one can resist taking Hasta into his heart. At the same time, she does great work in the field. The first competitions in Grande Quête field tests have been very positive. We are looking forward to a positive development of the young bitch.


  • FrenchTrialer Grande Quête (to be confirmed)
    • sire: Cucca's Okeo, dam: Cucca's Italia
    • FCI hip score B, CCL free
    • hunting contests:: Vice-Winner Serbian Derby Grande Quête 2019, 2.Exc. GQ Spain, 2.Exc. GQ France
    • exposition results: 1.Excellent CAC/CACIB (CACIB Belgrad)


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